So What Now?

Well…It is 2015 now and it has been almost a year since Vampire Academy was released…

And I know we all know, unless you’ve been living under a rock, that it didn’t pan out the way we wanted…


Life sucks. I know. We love Vampire Academy. We want it to succeed. We want everyone to know the greatness of its world just like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games and The Lord of the Rings achieved.

Maybe I’m feeling nostalgic from checking the Facebook page and this blog (yes, I’m still around) and you’re just reading my babble. But I felt I should say something after not posting anything since March of last year…

I know right? How could I just abandon my duties as a Guardian of VA.

Maybe it was because I was disappointed.

Maybe I felt that everything was unfair.

Maybe I felt confused.

I don’t know why exactly I stopped for so long, but I feel the need to explain this to the VAFamily.

I realized that maybe it wasn’t time for Vampire Academy to be a movie. Currently, we are living in the time of post-apocalyptic, futuristic, and comic book/superhero(es) movies. Maybe, right now, everyone is only interested in those genres. It’s what’s popular, it’s what the media constantly talks about.  So maybe, sometime in the future, is the chance for Vampire Academy to truly shine.

Possibly a reboot? Yeah, since the first one did not exactly perform that great critically and financially. Possibly under a different title? Yeah, since as soon as everyone saw the title Vampire Academy they assumed it was a mash up of Harry Potter and Twilight. Possibly with a new cast? Most likely, as by the time that Vampire Academy could be re-done, the cast members would be too old. However, it doesn’t mean they can’t return as a different character…

Anyways, I don’t think we should stop supporting Vampire Academy because of the movie. The movie was flawed, yes, but it did show us moments like:

The never ending snarkiness and sarcasm.

How bad ass and dangerous the Guardians can be.

The friendship of Rose and Lissa.

The darkness and danger lurking at every corner.

These actors worked so hard for their roles and love their characters so much. It is not them that we should be disappointed over. Not them we should be frustrated over.

So if the time comes for Vampire Academy to be, once again, made into a live-action movie or even TV show, will you still be there?

I love this story. The plot, the characters, everything is detailed and wicked awesome. We see so many topics covered that I think anyone can find at least ONE thing they can relate to. And to those idiots who say “How do people relate to this? We aren’t vampires,” you obviously are too dull to realize what we mean when we say we can relate to this. We speak of the values of friendship, honor, duty, the ever-present hierarchical society, pressures to fit in, fighting our inner demons, the quirks of people, the laughter, finding our path through life… THAT is what we mean. Yeah, some of us haven’t gone through serious trials and tribulations like some of the characters have, but there are those of us, the VAFamily, who have. Maybe its the loss of family, loved ones, depression, change. Some of us find solidarity with Vampire Academy and the fandom – the VAFamily.

Say what you will, but this what I leave you all with. Will I return to do more blogging and posting on my Facebook page with Vampire Academy? Maybe. (Truly, right now, I have also been very busy, forgive me!) But I don’t want anyone to stop loving Vampire Academy. We fell in love with this series, these characters, this world for a reason.

I sign off, until next time, at exactly 12:24 AM on January 16, 2015.

What do you say VAFamily, will you stick with us?

~Guardians of VA,



2 thoughts on “So What Now?”

  1. So, the VA movie has some flaws, true, but I feel like the biggest fall is that it was hardly advertised and then it was advertised poorly. If it had more visibility and wasn’t released the same day as the LEGO movie and the first day of the Olympics, it would have done so much better. I mean, please, who can complete with LEGO and the Olympics besides Marvel and Disney?

    I wanted Frostbite so bad….. I’m still kind of keeping my fingers crossed…. but… I just don’t know.

    1. I agree. The advertising was underwhelming and most of the promotional images were not hitting what it was actually about. It also didn’t help they changed the release date a month before its release.
      I do too…

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