Vampire Academy Teaser + Analysis


*This analysis is coming from a fan of the series – so I do know what I am talking about ;P*

What’s The Same:

The characters:

PicMonkey Collage

  • Rose and Dimitri
  • Lissa and Christian
  • Natalie and Victor
  • Mia, Ray (originally Ralf), and Jesse
  • Kirova, Alberta, Tatiana, and Sonya

The scenes:


  • The dance! And Rose’s black dress (BTW, did you notice the lust charm? (;)
  • Rose’s narrative (Now I don’t know if it’s present in the movie, but I’m guessing so by the trailer)
  • Lissa drinks from Rose
  • The Queen visits the Academy (judging by Lissa’s emotions in the trailer, she probably insulted her too)
  • Dimitri and Rose training sessions
  • Dimitri and Rose lust charm scene
  • Dimitri in his DUSTER (fangirl – when I first saw the trailer I screamed at that part)
  • Lissa and Christian kiss (Did you notice the second time they kiss L is sitting on the same chair from HP3?)
  • Christian is attacked and Lissa gets kidnapped!
  • Natalie fights Rose to rescue daddy-dearest (Did you see his creepy smile? Perfection)
  • Dimitri and other Guardians fight bad guys (in Army jackets? Guardian jackets?) to rescue Lissa
  • Sonya attacks a doctor and becomes Strigoi…(here’s how I figured it out:

What’s New:

The Scenes:


  • Rose and Lissa come to the dance together – I’m worried on whether or not they keep the little fight the 2 had. I find it slightly important because of the message of friendship. But I’m curious to see what actually happens!
  • Christian and Lissa kiss at the dance. Although it didn’t happen in the book, I love it :3 Listian!!
  • Lissa’s accent? We don’t actually know if Lissa had an accent or not. And in the book, some families are said to be from Eastern Europe or something like that. BUT I love her accent and I think it makes her seem even more royal!
  • Lissa’s speech when the Queen visits. The scene definitely looks like there was more to it. Call me crazy but it seemed as if Lissa was a bit emotional – like the Queen did call her out just like in the books. Either way, I like the added, “Blood is Family, Blood is Pain, Blood is Death.” It’s brilliant – I’ll talk about what I think it means later on.
  • Headmistress Kirova gets it on with someone. Here’s what Richelle said about it:  “What I can say is it’s a very clever interpretation of a key plot point in the book that wouldn’t have worked so well visually if it had been imported straight off the page.  It works in the book but would be boring on the screen.” I honestly can’t think of what scene that’d be – but if any of you have a guess, comment below!
  • Mia with (what I guess) is Jesse and Ray writing a bloody message, naked, on the wall. This is kind of new kind of same. What I mean by it being the same is that Mia did sleep with them, separately, to get information on Rose/Lissa to get back at them. So this scene ties in with that.
  • Fight scene at the gates (of the Academy?) – I think this looks cool. Question is, who is fighting? Comment your guess below! My guesses are when they come back to the Academy (in the beginning) or when they go rescue Lissa (in the end).
  • BIKE EXPLOSION + fight scene. I don’t know what this is about, but I like it! Sorry, I LOVE movies with explosions. It’s all exciting. If you watch this part carefully, we do see a green car in there, (remember in the beginning when Rose and Lissa were trying to escape with their roommate’s car?) and another thing we notice is the bike explosion which Rose takes to her advantage by using the motorbike’s handle, (a fan on another blog had figured that out, I wouldn’t have without her!) and attacks the Guardians. And from there I believe is when Dimitri comes in all bad-ass and probably stops Rose pretty easily. SO, I’m excited to see if this is indeed the beginning to the movie!
  • Helicopter landing, Lissa’s there. Not sure what’s happening here, it could be anything. What do you think? My guess, since she’s wearing the same dress from the dance, it’s when she gets kidnapped.
  • Rose fights…with a stake. This is where things go iffy for me. I’m okay if she wields the stake BUT if she kills a Strigoi with it I’ll be kind of…upset. The whole Guardian marks is really important in the second book – Rose learns the lesson that not all marks are great, (Tasha, Mason).

The characters:

  • No Mason! Sad day, no Mason in the teaser. But hopefully we’ll see him in the next one!
  • We also missed some of the minor characters. (I am not naming them all lol)
  • Sonya? If that wasn’t her at the doctor part…




  • Rose looks sexy! And all other physical descriptions match! She is 2 inches shy from Rose’s height but, IT DOESN’T MATTER! Oh, and Zoey is a fantastic actress so I’m sure she’ll play Rose well.
  • Lissa is a pretty Princess! She meets the physical descriptions as well! Although I can’t tell if they paled out the Moroi or not. And I LOVE the fact they let Lucy keep her accent for the movie – I think it just adds more power and gives a royal feel to Lissa’s character!  (If that makes sense?!)
  • Dimitri is a bad-ass god! He meets the physical descriptions but is 2 inches shy from Dimitri’s height, but again, it doesn’t matter! I wish we heard him talk in the trailer! Maybe next time (;
  • Christian is…HOT. He’s perfect. No arguments. He’s flat out perfect. And if they let him keep his accent, which I’m sure they will, I’m pretty sure I’m going to die.
  • Natalie is EXACTLY how I pictured her. It’s so scary. She’s got the dull look just like she’s described in the book! And then her daddy, Victor, although we only saw him once, he was perfect. He had that creepy, sinister smile…PERFECTION.
  • Mia is definitely a MEAN GIRL. Although she doesn’t have her ringlets, she still looks like Mia with her cute face and tiny frame. And she still looks evil. I actually prefer the pixie cut to the curls.
  • Kirova looks, excuse the language, like a bitch! And I’m kind of glad she’s that way. And like Richelle said in a recent interview, it’s nice to see some female power here.


  • Although we don’t see a whole lot of it, I love how the Academy looks. It’s exactly how I pictured it! (Both inside and out.)
  • The dance scene looks like how I imagined it. And I love the whole night theme and blood theme to it.
  • When the Queen visits – I imagined a long room, similar to what’s in HP. But I like the theme they came up with. It’s very regal, suits the Queen!

Now back to the one line Lissa says, “Blood is Family, Blood is Pain, Blood is Death.” My idea on what that means, (because some people don’t get it), is this: The bloodlines of the Moroi, especially the royals. If I remember correctly, some families can go back far enough in their tree to find they’re related to another family. That’s my theory for “Blood is Family”. For “Blood is Pain,” I thought it meant the need for blood by the Moroi. Without it, they can’t survive – so, pain. And then “Blood is Death.” My theory is the fact that if a Moroi drinks all of the blood of their feeder/victim, they turn Strigoi – the undead, no longer living. Now what do you guys think of all this?

Overall Thoughts: I liked the teaser. It’s made in a way that it DEFINITELY teases the movie. I read questions and comments all the time about it; “What’s it about?”, “Only know it involves vampires at an academy,” and etc. The way they, (Weinstein Co), made the trailer makes people ask what’s going on – which is a great way to show that they’re INTERESTED. Now as for what we saw in the teaser. I really didn’t expect much, just Rose and maybe Lissa and then the title. But instead we got a bunch of scenes and characters! I LOVE how everyone looks – and Natalie for me is my favorite in terms of how I imagined the characters – she’s spot on! And although I love Dimitri, after seeing Christian, I’m slowly turning into a pyromaniac…SERIOUSLY, he’s that hot! Another thing from the trailer I really liked were the action sequences – Rose and Dimitri look so bad ass!! After seeing this teaser, I don’t know how I’ll survive the wait to the movie’s release date. 6 months to go!

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