The adults of Vampire Academy


Pictured: Claire Foy, Olga Kurylenko, Gabriel Byrne, Joely Richardson.

The break-down: Sonya Karp was a Moroi teacher at St. Vladimir’s Academy who was one of the few known spirit users. She’s also known for going Strigoi, which Rose and Lissa figures out that she did it because spirit made her crazy. Ms. Karp was the reason Rose and Lissa ran away as she warned Rose that she needed to get Lissa out before they find out about her. Sonya was described as having auburn hair, high cheek bones, and azure blue eyes. Playing crazy Karp is…


Claire Foy! She is an English actress who was in the TV series, White Heat. I recognized her immediately though as the witch from Season of the Witch. Although that movie wasn’t good, check it out anyways because if anyone can play crazy Karp, she can. She’s currently 29 and 5’3/4”. Check her out in this video below from Season of the Witch:

Next up is Ellen Kirova, or Headmistress Kirova. Or, as Rose calls her, a “self-righteous old b****.” Kirova was described as looking like a vulture because of her nose and has gray hair. She’s also a Moroi. Playing Kirova will be…


Olga Kurylenko! The Ukrainian actress and model is currently 33 and stands tall at 5’9”. You’ll probably recognize her from the recent sci-fi movie, Oblivion, or as Vera in Magic City. Now, you’re all probably wondering why Kirova is so young. Well, the Moroi are described as being beautiful and model-like, right? So the idea is to get someone young to act as someone older – make sense? Check her out below:

Next is Prince Victor Dashkov. Victor is a dying Moroi who, SPOILER, at the end of Vampire Academy turns out to be the bad guy. His elemental control is earth, which he was able to use, SPOILER, to put a lust charm on Rose’s necklace. His daughter, Natalie, attends the academy and is best friends with Lissa. He used his own daughter, SPOILER, to scare Lissa and hurt Rose. Playing the secretly evil Prince is…


Irish actor, Gabriel Byrne. He is currently 63 and is tall at 5’10”. His most recent work is from the TV series Vikings. Gabriel was another of fan faves to play Victor, (although I did imagine someone younger).  Check him out below:

Finally, Queen Tatiana Ivashkov. Tatiana is the Royal Queen of all Moroi. She’s described as having a gray bob, so we assumed she’s old. Her (only) appearance in Vampire Academy occured when she had insulted Lissa in front of everyone for not living up to her names. Playing the Queen-bitch is…


English actress, Joely Richardson. Joely is 48 and is 5’10”. She was in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and played Catherine Parr in the TV series, The Tudors. Check her out in this clip below:

Thoughts: All of these actors are fantastic actors. My favorite is Claire Foy – she’s absolutely perfect. The rest are a bit of surprise but I’m sure they can easily play their roles well.


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