The side characters of Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters


Pictured: Dominic Sherwood, Cameron Monaghan, Sami Gayle, Sarah Hyland, Ashley Charles.

The side/supporting characters of Vampire Academy are Christian Ozera, Mason Ashford, Mia Rinaldi, Natalie Dashkov, and Jesse Zeklos.

The break-down: Christian Ozera is a sarcastic, snarky Moroi who is a social outcast because his parents turned Strigoi. He has black hair and pale, ice-blue eyes. Because Moroi can control an element, Christian controls fire. He’s in the same grade as Rose & Lissa. Lissa and Christian end up dating by the end of Vampire Academy. Playing Christian is British actor…


Dominic Sherwood. He is currently 23 and 5’11”. He’s a pretty unknown actor, his latest work being in Mayday mini-series and Not Fade Away. Oh, and he can also sing. Yup, both Rose and Lissa’s guys can sing. Check him out here:

Next up, we have Mason Ashford! Mason is Rose’s best guy friend, who has a major crush on her, and is also a dhampir in training to become a Guardian. He has red hair and blue eyes and freckles on his face. He’s described as a major flirt, especially when it comes to Rose. Playing the sweet Mason Ashford is…


American actor, Cameron Monaghan! He is currently 19 and 5’11”. He’s been in many TV shows and movies, probably most known for his role as Ian Gallagher in Shameless. Cameron was actually one of the fan faves to play Mason. Whoop! Check him out in this clip below:

Next is the wonderfully mean, Mia Rinaldi. Mia’s looks come across as young – she looks like a porcelain doll. She has the pale round face, big blue eyes, and blonde hair in ringlets. She’s quite short for a Moroi, shorter than Rose. Once Rose & Lissa came back to the Academy, Mia felt the need to bully Lissa (which in turn went after Rose as well) – all because of what Lissa’s brother, Andre, did to her. Mia is also dating Lissa’s ex, Aaron, whom Lissa steals back to get back at Mia for hurting Rose. Playing the queen bitch is…


American actress, Sami Gayle. She is currently 17 and stands short at about 5′. She’s been in quite a bit of TV shows, currently starring in Blue Bloods. Sami is probably the most surprising casting out of the bunch – but she certainly looks like Mia! Can’t wait to see her in a wig and blue contacts…Check her out in the video below from Blue Bloods:

Now we have Natalie Dashkov, daughter of the dying Moroi, Prince Victor Dashkov. Natalie is described as boring and dull compared to the other Moroi, having jet-black hair and pale, jade-green eyes like her father and Lissa. Her and Lissa call each other cousins and is the first person to welcome back Rose and Lissa. Natalie’s trust in her father is so strong that at the end of the book, SPOILER, she turns Strigoi to help her father out of the cell he was being kept in. Playing timid (turned evil) Natalie is…


Sarah Hyland. The American actress is currently 22 and stands shorter than most Moroi at 5’2”. She’s had quite of a career, most known for playing Haley Dunphy in Modern Family. Now, I have to tell you guys that I totally guessed she’d be Natalie before it was announced…TRUTH. I’m not lying…maybe I should become a psychic! Haha. Anyways, check her out in this clip below from Modern Family:

She can sing too…

And finally, Jesse Zeklos. Jesse is probably one of the hotter Moroi at St. Vladimir’s Academy. He’s described as having bronzed, good looks. He’s the same grade as Rose and had his eyes set for her. Until a little mishap with Dimitri occured, (we all know what happened). He then turned to Mia’s side and helped her bully Rose. Playing Jesse is…


Ashley Charles. He’s a quite unknown actor and fairly new to the movie business. He is currently in the TV show White Queen and Reign. 

That’s it for the side characters! Which one are you most excited to see? Stay tuned for another article on the adults of Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters.


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